slurr 12″ vinyl LP + cassingle + t-shirt
project name

slurr 12″ vinyl LP + cassingle + t-shirt

for their first full-length release, Austin’s heavy/sludge/rock outfit slurr decided to press 500 copies on vinyl; so, i was excited to get to work again. after brainstorming and bouncing a few ideas around, they gave me a few options for the direction in illustration. the final concept was based on a catacomb photo of circa 17th century Saint Pancratius at the Church of St. Nikolaus in Switzerland. according to the band, the title “Reconquista” is an historical reference to medieval Spain and Portugal movements to reclaim territory in late 15th century Europe; also, it is a reference/statement about the band’s Texas origin and the moving shift of numerous flags over the territory.

the project included layout of a “cassingle” before the vinyl LP was released, as well as the 12″ layout & hype-stickers, plus a revised design for t-shirts + their printing with water-based discharge-dye ink.

  • Client:

    slurr: 'reconquista' 12" LP

  • Our Role:

    layout / design / illustration / silk-screen sprinting

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