texas keeper cider
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texas keeper cider

this is a project that i wish i could’ve worked on more. one of those friend of a friend situations… i was brought in late in the game to create an identity and logo for a new cider company that is launching in Austin, TX because the other offerings that they had had at that point weren’t really checking the boxes. i jumped on the opportunity because i’m a huge fan of almost anything micro-brew. either that opinion about prior pitches was reversed or someone else snagged the project as i was just getting started, because i didn’t even get the opportunity to show these to the potential client. oh well. i’ve chalked it up as a lesson learned regarding spec work.
moving forward… if anyone out there is starting a new brewing company and is looking for some great identity and label ideas… hell, even names for the future varietals, let’s discuss. this brainstorming session was pretty much completely unguided and ready for press within about 48 hours. cheers!

  • Client:

    texas keeper cider

  • Our Role:

    identity / branding

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